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Interactive TV Platform

A proven and easily integrated platform for heterogeneous operator environments that optimizes total cost of ownership and maximizes revenue per subscriber.

New Version 4.2

Beenius is proud to announce new version 4.2 of the Beenius TV platform. Learn more »

Selected features


Beenius professional services support you with skills and expertise in designing, setting-up and operating end-to-end IPTV or OTT or Hybrid IPTV/OTT+DVB solution. We deliver integrated turn-key E2E solution for your service.


Assist you in choosing the right E2E technology to support your video streaming service.

E2E Integrations

E2E for IPTV, OTT and Hybrid system integration of all video streaming components, OSS and BSS systems.

Operational support

Operational support for installed E2E solution based on service level agreement in different time zones.


Sales and technical trainings on Beenius TV Platform, client applications and video streaming technology.

Calculate your bandwidth

Do you know how much bandwidth the IPTV stream uses?
What is the required bandwidth for IPTV with OTT mobile solution?
Can you identify the minimum connection speed required for HD channels?

All the answers are just a few clicks away!

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Success stories

Iskon Internet (Croatia)

Iskon successfully upgraded to Beenius interactive tv platform version 4.2

INVITEL (Hungary)

Preparation for full migration to version 4.2.

BH Telecom (BiH)

Migration to latest version of Beenius interactive tv platform for BH Telecom environment.

Pink TV (Serbia)

Interactive tv platform version 4.2. Available to Balkan diaspora.

Gobo banner

GOBO (Mexico)

Interactive TV Platform version 4.2 available for Mexican viewers.

Unitel banner

Unitel (Mongolia)

Successful replacement at Unitel, the biggest Mongolian IPTV provider.

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