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The Beenius Interactive TV Platform represents the heart of the TV ecosystem, enabling service providers to achieve functional and compelling visual differentiation of their TV service.

This multiservice delivery platform is providing interactive TV services for IPTV, OTT, DVB and a combination for ISP, telco, and cable service providers. Services can be delivered over different networks: managed IP, open internet, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, or DVB-S.

Beenius product line includes following products:

  •   Beenius Server
  •   Beenius Administration Application
  •   Beenius Linux STB Application
  •   Beenius Android STB Application
  •   Beenius Android TV Application
  •   Beenius Android Beemarket Application
  •   Beenius Android Mobile Application
  •   Beenius iOS Mobile Application
  •   Beenius Web Application

IPTV and OTT comparison


Content Delivery

Uses open internet
Un-managed network
Open ecosystem
Uses dedicated managed network
Walled garden ecosystem

Network Type

Delivered from content provider / aggregator to the viewer using open network
Usage of CDN
Closed, proprietary network, accessed via a specific internet service provider

Network Relationship

Without the need for intervening carriage negotiations, or infrastructure investments Services are delivered on optimized and custom high bandwidth network

Delivery Protocol

Delivered over HTTP / TCP, a connected transport protocol.
Movement towards adaptive streaming technologies HLS (Apple), Smooth Streaming (MS) and HDS (Adobe);
IPTV uses Transport Stream (TS) transmission technology.
Uses Real time protocol (RTP)over UDP, a connectionless protocol;

Content Catalog

Widely used for freemium and economical subscription VOD Used primarily for premium VOD and real time content delivery like broadcast TV

Routing Topology

Unicast    (HTTP)
Simulated Multicast    (UDP/TCP);
Initial unicast burst during channel change leading to Multicast join

Service Category

Complementary Service Main service, similar to Satellite/Cable TV services

Key Benefits

Low cost,
Flexible model,
Easy to manage and operate.
High quality of service and quality of experience.
Monitoring and control,
Interactive services