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Content monetization

Beenius is an end-user and content-oriented platform which builds subscriber loyalty with its content discovery and social features. On the other hand, features such as Targeted Advertising and T-Commerce help raise income per subscriber; on the other with auto-provisioning and OSS/BSS automation, Beenius helps lower operating costs.

Targeted Advertising enables operators to present two types of advertisements on the Linux STB client: banners and video clips. Banners as an overlay image can be displayed during live TV, recordings, or VOD play-out or inside the UI (upon predefined actions, e.g. opening a main menu item). Video clips as video ads can only be displayed during VOD play-out. Video clip ads can be configured to allow the end user to skip them or not.

With Beenius’s T-Commerce feature set, the service provider can efficiently offer all types of content and sell them directly from TV applications. The T-Commerce features provide a flexible content packing system. Each pricing model can be easily managed with the simple pricing policy concept. The operator can now easily manage subscriptions with different collections of content in purchasable groups and define different ranges of prices. Different types of purchasable items/content can be inside a purchasable group such as live TV channels and shows, VOD, NPVR quota, recording time span, and BeeStore apps.

To learn more about T-commerce, download T-commerce infographic.