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Beenius offers a contemporary live TV viewing where viewer can easily change and select channels according to his preferences. We offer direct channel listing and EPG in three different formats: matrix, column and channel info bar. Viewer can set different reminders, apply Parental Control, preview multiple live TV channels within Mosaic channel or adjust Picture-in-Picture feature. For operators Beenius enabled a Pay-per-View feature and Playlist Channel among others.

Live TV categories:

Live TV channels are organized in channel categories created by the operator. End users can select categories to easily find desired channel. Each channel can have a channel logo, which is displayed in the client UI to help end user to quickly identify channel.

Besides the direct channel listing and EPG view, the end user can also find live TV content within the What’s on menu. What’s on presents live TV shows that were recently, currently, or will be played in the near future. With a clear and simplified view of shows with an image, the end user can more efficiently find content that he or she will probably be interested in.

Reminders function helps viewers’ not to forget a live TV show they would not want to miss. The viewer can set a reminder for each show from the available options when selecting a show from the EPG, the channel info bar, or What’s on.

Operator defines the live TV channel that is first played out after it is powered up or it returns from the stand-by mode per region. We cal this channel the initial channel. In many cases this is the channel with operator’s promotions and advertisements.

On Live TV channels and VOD content that allow multiple subtitles and multiple audio sources, end users are able to switch among them. The Beenius TV Platform allows several types and formats of subtitles and audio to be configured.